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Friday, January 15, 2010

Long week

It's been a long week for us around here - in case you hadn't figure that out by looking at the twitters I've made this week (they should show up for you on the left side bar.) It started with Micah being sick earlier this week running a fever Sunday night, seeming a little better through the day Monday and Monday night. Then running a fever again Tuesday night. That combined with the weather has kept us in the house and out of the gym most of the week. I had  forgotten how much sanity just the hour or so of mommy time I get at the gym really provides until I finally got back into the gym this evening. Of course being cooped up in the house Thursday and Friday because of the never ending rain we've been getting didn't help with our moods either. To top things off no one slept well last night. Micah oddly wanted to play - or at least not sleep - between 12 and 2. He didn't want to nurse or lay down. Very unusual for him. Abby had a cough that kept her from getting any good sleep and she was up several times throughout the night as well. This all added up to it being just craziness around here today - happy one minute, fussing the next if you need help visualizing how our day went you can check out Micah's blog here to see just a brief example. 

It's nearly impossible to engage Abby in many activities inside to keep her out of her funk with a crabby baby. We've probably watched more TV today than in the past week. Thank goodness for Elmo's World, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Blue's Clues. We watch Sesame Street maybe once a week around here so I don't feel too guilty about watching more TV today. 

We knew it was time for bed tonight when Abby lost it over who helped her in the potty and Micah was just being a crab. Apparently 7pm was about 30 minutes or so too late for bedtime since Abby was so over tired she had a really rough time falling asleep!

Here's to hoping this starts to turn around tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up some next week so maybe we can finally play outside! {If it dries up} Hopefully Abby stays well and doesn't come down with the cold that Daddy and then Micah had and that Micah is back to his normal cheerful self tomorrow. He hasn't had any cold symptoms since he woke up Wednesday morning but he still isn't his normal self. 

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