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Sunday, January 17, 2010

an interesting first

To set up the background we've lived at our current house for about a year now. In that year we've had no parties here, no loud music, none of our vehicles park in front of their houses and our children don't run around in the front yard without supervision. Our neighbors {both across the street and next door to us} have children that run around unsupervised mostly girls that are older elementary but also a young boy about 3-4. Over the summer Beau had a giant elephant ear plant that was planted in our front yard on the side with the water spigot which also happens to be the side that some of the unsupervised children live on. One day we noticed the ears had been cut off! Beau was very grumpy about that but we didn't know which kids so nothing was really said about it. 

Today we went got home from running an errand all these kids ran from our drive way into the driveway across the street. Beau was very grumpy about it. Studying law he's may a little too paranoid about a lawsuit should one of the kids get injured in our yard - not to say they shouldn't be there. {They also tend to play in the street a lot and ran from our driveway across the street as we were driving up - what if one of them got hit in the street because they darted out from behind the truck without looking} 

So Beau went across the street and knocked on the door to ask to speak to their mother. He just wanted to politely ask her to tell her kids to stay out of our driveway/yard and maybe to stop parking in front of our house. The mother was none too polite and even said our dog {the one who only is in the front yard if we are there with her and who doesn't yap at them like their little dog, who doesn't go in their yard like their dog comes into ours} is always in their yard. She started yelling at Beau. He just said again calmly keep your kids out of our yard and headed back to our house. 

Well about an hour later a cop showed up at our house. Yeap they called the cops on us. The cop was practically laughing and said if we have problems we should call the cops instead of just talking to the neighbors. Hilarious!  

Lesson to learn here: if unsupervised kids are playing in your yard call the cops instead of talking to their parents? 

What would you have done in this situation? I tried to convince Beau they were just kids but I thought their parents probably should have been watching them especially around a street but after a year of this he was tired of it. 


1 comment :

Unknown said...

You've described my block!

Nobody calls the cops, but that's because the cops are the parents of the troublemakers.

The kids play in everyone's yards (with or without the people who live there), they tow themselves behind moving vehicles, they blow things up in the streets, they run around screaming....

It's crazy.

And the parents aren't much better. The family behind us (with a cop as a dad) throws parties late at night. It's crazy!