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Friday, January 08, 2010

A first

It's cold today. A high of 38 degrees but it doesn't even feel that warm with the wind and what not. Not exactly a day to go to the zoo like last weekend. We were itching to get out of the house because besides the gym we've stayed at home most of this week. So on the spur of the moment this morning we decided to go on an adventure to the Children's Museum. On the recommendation of friends we went to the one in New Braunfels instead of downtown San Antonio. {Plus I hate places I have to pay to park - which is the only option downtown!} 

Abby took a kayak ride. 

Micah found a baby to talk to. 

Abby loved the trains. She made a VERY long train. 

Abby played doctor. She weighed and fed a baby. She also had my lie down on the bed and she listened to my heart. This was after she had transported Micah and I to the drs. office in the ambulance. 

Micah loved the old school music box. He got the biggest smile on his face when the music started playing. 

Abby became an astronaut and played on the space shuttle. Not quite as impressive a space shuttle to play on as say the one at the Space Center in Houston but pretty cool! 

Then we went to the bank. Abby got some money from the ATM and then we went to the grocery store. The grocery was probably her favorite part of the day as she talked about it almost the whole way home.

All in all it was a fun day! 

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