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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr. Appointment

We called the pedi yesterday to see if they wanted to see Abby. They transferred us to a nurse line for the whole system (as our pedi's office is part of a set of 5 or 6 different clinics) so on the nurse line they make it seem like she needs to be seen immediately and makes us an appointment with a different doctor instead of waiting an extra day to see our regular pedi.

So we went today for the appointment and waiting in all about 2 hours to see the dr. for maybe 5 minutes. Frustrating. Especially to have her say that most pink eye is viral and doesn't need antibiotics but here I'll give you the prescription anyway even though I'm pretty sure it's not bacterial. Does that make any sense to anyone? If she doesn't need it then she doesn't need it. I'm not a mom that needs to medicate my child just because there is medicine available. Doesn't the overuse of antibiotics lead to it not working as well over time for the stuff it's supposed to treat?

Then she went on about cough medicine. All the lovely stuff they practically pulled off the shelves last year. Yes I'm aware that likely it was parents giving their kids more than they really needed and such but if something is getting pulled off the shelves and has been said to not be that effective then should I really give it to my child just because I can if she isn't bugged by it?

I wish we could have just seen our regular pedi and I'll know better for next time to try and make sure we get seen by her instead of someone else.

FYI: Drops of breast milk is supposed to really help. Why didn't I think of this yesterday? I knew it's the cure all of cure alls (kinda like they thought windex was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) but yet my mind didn't go there yesterday.

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