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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Deceptively Delicious?

Have you heard of the Deceptively Delicious cookbook where the author (Seinfield's wife I believe?) hides purees of vegetables in meals to get her kids to eat more veggies. Well Beau tried to do this trick on us tonight at dinner. I guess one of his new year's resolutions must be to get us to eat more veggies in addition to just eating healthier. 

It all started when he was cooking fajitas for dinner. You see whenever I cook fajitas one bell pepper and onion are generally enough for two meals worth of fajitas (ya know since I don't really eat too many veggies hence why he must have decided to sneak some in on me tonight) So I put the second half of the onion and bell pepper in freezer bags for another meal. So tonight Beau went to grab one of those bags of veggies to cook. I was in the living room and he told me that the bag only had bell peppers so I was confused as I always put both in together and don't remember ever doing just bell peppers but whatever guess I must have if he said so right?  

He goes to cooking and I forget about what he had told me until the bell peppers start melting. Yup... melting. Into a green blobby substance. 

Yeap not bell peppers. 

Beau had just added Micah's oh so yummy green bean puree to our dinner instead of bell peppers. At this point you're probably thinking the same thing I am. How on earth does one mistake frozen green ice cube shapes for bell peppers? Especially when the bag had it clearly written on the outside green beans. I'm still pondering this one... I'll let you know when I figure it out if I ever do. Beau claims he had his glasses off because he was cutting the onion but I'm certain he had to have taken the bag out of the freezer to examine the contents to know that he needed onion before he could have started cutting the onions that required him to take off his glasses. 

He then transferred the dinner to a new pan away from the green bean puree before it coated all of the fajitas. For some reason he decided maybe it wasn't such a good hidden combo after all. 


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