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Thursday, January 07, 2010


Uncle Jeremy gave Abby her very own cupcake baking kit for Christmas complete with an mini-pan that can bake 6 cupcakes, papers to use in the pan, a frosting tool and tips and recipes. Today we had a chance to break into it and make some cupcakes. We made the stuffed chocolate cupcakes. Can I say yum? 

Testing out my new lens in the kitchen. Abby made some silly faces for me. Instead of her pretty smile she gave me her silly goofy smile. 

Abby put the paper liners in the baking pan. She enjoyed picking what colors she wanted to. She wanted to use some of the pink/purple ones but not all of them. 

Then we got to work making the cupcakes. First we had to mix up the batter. Abby loved pouring the ingredients into the batter bowl after I measured them. Then she mixed up the flour, sugar, coco, salt and baking soda for me. 

Next we added an egg white, milk, water and oil. Then mixed that together. 

We baked the batter. While that was baking we mixed up a filling that we piped into the middle of the cupcakes and a chocolate frosting for the top. Boy are these yummy! (And tiny!) 

By the way don't let the shirt fool you. This pictures were in fact taken today despite the fact that we got up to maybe a high of 45 today. Abby started out the day in warm long sleeve/pants but changed to this during quiet time this afternoon. 

1 comment :

Scartch said...

She is so beautiful! Well done on those pics Katie!!!