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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Beau saved the day

Despite his trying to sneak green beans into our dinner (see post below if you haven't already) Beau did save the day in one way. He took my old laptop (the one that busted last month) to see what was wrong with it so we could make an assessment on how to get the pictures {that I would curl up in a ball and cry for months if they were lost forever} and the music off of the computer and if it was fixable without costing as much as a new laptop. 

He went to Geek Squad first since he had purchased it at Best Buy and figured that would be an easy place to take it to. They said the graphics card is shot and it's connected to the motherboard so it would cost about $700 to fix (can you say OUCH?) but they could for the low low cost of $100-150 depending on the amount of material on the hard drive get everything off of it. So he was thinking about that option but wanted to make sure there wasn't a way he could do it himself for less while they checked to make sure the hard drive was in fact still working. They said it was working {YAY I don't have to cry in a ball for months!} and it would be the higher cost because of the amount of data and it would take 5 days. They also said there was a cord (adapter?) that could be connected to the hard drive but it was $60 (still better than $150) but they didn't have it. So he got the name of another computer repair shop. 

Went there - they would have only charged $60 to get the data. Even better - the cord/adapter - only $25. 

It worked too! I have all my pictures and music back! Beau now has his new ipod up and going as well ready to rock it at the gym on Monday. 

I'm only slightly jealous of all that his ipod can do. The pedometer/nike + just seem cool. The pedometer tells you how many calories were burned in the number of steps you took and that will sync with the nike + information as well. I think I'll just wait until they add all that cool stuff to the iphone. Think they will? The radio feature is pretty rocking too. 

Do I sound mac obsessed yet? 

1 comment :

Unknown said...

Our computers must be on the same brainwave. Mine crashed recently too. My harddrive died completely. I asked my tech guru at work if he could recover the data for me (I wanted my photos!!!!). He was not only able to recover the data, but he was able to replace the hard drive for me too.

what really irritates me is that the computer was probably bad from teh start and I didn't just realize it. The hard drive crashed on an almost daily basis and I chalked it up to being a Vista problem.

I now have Windows 7 and a much happier computer.

It cost me $50 for the hard drive and $25 (donation) for the work.