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Monday, December 21, 2009

Not me

It's that time again. Ya know where I tell everyone that reads this exactly what we have NOT been up to. Join in if you want and tell me (by leaving me a comment!) what you have not been up to.

I did not do about 50 loads of laundry since I had slacked to clear up my laundry room before my parents arrived on Friday. At least it felt like I did not do 50 loads of laundry.

I did not have cinnamon rolls (homemade!) cheese fries and cold stone in one day. I also did not hurry Abby upstairs for her bath before Jeremy got back so that I didn't have to share any ice cream with her.

I do not think that I have the most awesome family ever. Okay I lied there. I really do think that. Love ya'll bunches and bunches! (And I promise not just because it's Christmas and there are presents being passed out!)


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