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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

My little puppy all ready to go. She was really wanting to ride in her wagon earlier so we brought it along and she got to ride around instead of walking what a lucky girl puppy! 

Trick or Treat!

With Grandma afterwards watching other kids come by. She wasn't a fan of this part and didn't like being outside in the dark. 

We can't forget my other little puppy. He made a pretty cute little puppy too! Thanks to a wonderful friend who let us borrow this costume since his super cute British guard one never came in the mail. 

We hope everyone else had a good Halloween as well!


Lisa said...

AWWWW. They're so cute!!
The photo of baby in the pumpkin would have been cute, sorry he didn't fit. But for his sake, I'm glad he didn't have to sit in the pumpkin guts.

Katie said...

We cleaned the pumpkin guts beforehand. He wouldn't have been sitting in them.

Brittany said...

Ok soo I've been secretly following your blog!! I couldn't wait for the Halloween pics to see what Abby and Micah were! They are both getting so big and soo adorable!! You have such a sweet family!! =)

Katie said...

Hey! Did you change your email address? I tried emailing you a while back since I didn't know if I had the right phone number after you changed it several times due to phone issues but never heard back. How's Carter doing? What did he dress up as for Halloween?