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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Photo story

So for the past couple months I've become addicted to this other blog (does that sound stalkerish?)  Well MckMama the mama that write that blog posted a tutorial/lesson on how to do these side by side photo stories so I had to give it a shot!  With her awesome easy to follow directions it was actually really simple to do - after I found the buttons on my photo editing software since I don't have Photoshop {I guess we can add that to my ever growing Christmas wish list huh? Right behind the new computer that it would take to run the photo editing software and fancy lenses for my camera so I can take pictures at least half as awesome as MckMama does!} 

So last Friday {I believe - movie night} we also did an art project to get us in the Thanksgiving mood. Since we didn't have any cool leaves in our yard to do this awesome project we settled for the classic handprint turkeys. It's not quite finished but you get the idea! 

Even Micah got in on it so we have a bigger Abby turkey and a little Micah turkey to remember our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. 


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