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Friday, November 20, 2009

Rough day

We had to be up early this morning as we were having a garage sale with some friends to clear out our homes before Christmas (and for one of our friends they are moving and we will miss them!) So I got up when Micah did - bright and early as always - and got us ready and was waiting around debating on when I wanted to wake Abby up when she woke up on her own got woken up because I was talking to Gigi on the phone. {That girl can hear me talking to Gigi no matter how quiet/far away I may be!} Either way she was up way early compared to when she would normally wake up. 

I'll spare ya'll the rest of the details of the day but it goes like this: Abby gets carsick {or at least at that point I assumed carsick} has a complete meltdown, a nap in my lap, gets sick again, a long nap in my bed and a grouchy evening and is now in her bed asleep and seems to be on the mend thankfully. 

I don't like seeing my babies sick and am so thankful she seems to be getting over this already.


1 comment :

Lisa said...

Hoping Abby is better today and all the rest of you are well too.