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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Gigi to the rescue

In that missing package containing Micah's uber cute British guard jammies was Abby's pink puppy that got left behind to visit in Paris with Gigi. I didn't think it would be too big a deal even though Micah has a blue one until..... we went into BRU and Abby was quite upset that she didn't have her pink puppy (as we bought the puppies there) Then to make matters worse they had no more pink puppies. They had a couple blue ones and a brown one but no pink ones and it looked like they were clearancing them all out because they were moved to a out of the way spot with lots of red clearance stickers on the hooks (but nothing in the toy area is ever in the right spot in BRU so who knows what price was for what - especially since many labels just have prices no item name/description)

Gigi being the wonderful loving grandma she is came to Abby's rescue and sent her a little tiny care package containing a pink puppy. Abby was super excited to open her package and so very happy to have her pink puppy back. So thank you so much Gigi for Abby's new pink puppy!

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