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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A petting zoo....

at Church?
Yes you read that right. We had a petting zoo..... at Church this evening before the Saturday night service. Now why would you have a petting zoo before Church? I guess I would likely know the answer to that had I been in service last week but instead I was subbing in the Church nursery to watch all the babies Micah the only baby.
There was a goose {who I made sure to keep Abby as far away as I could because geese just scare me - and I know Beau had a bad experience being chased by them as he ran around the LSU lakes} some little pigs {I assume potbelly pigs or maybe piglets but they weren't cute like little pink Wilbur piglets - so I'm not sure?} some little hens {who Abby tried to pet through their cage before I could warn her they'd peck at her - I saved her finger from getting pecked at just in the nick of time!} a guinea pig, a couple rabbits, some goats {who were really enjoying the weeds/bushes/landscaping!}
And then there was this big girl {I think a girl.} This was Abby's favorite. She says it's a camel. What do you think?
So with all the rambling did you even catch what animals I said were in the mini-petting zoo?
Any one have any guesses why we had a mini-petting zoo at Church? It might have something to do with our preacher Max's tweet {yes he twitters!} this week asking "Which of these three would your rank as the number one need: clean water, malaria nets or no-interest loans to the poor?" Anyone have an opinion on which they think is most needed?
Did you know that you can purchase all of the above items in one place? {Well maybe not the guinea pig and an alpaca instead of a llama.}
Wait what did you say? You don't want a pig nor an aplaca showing up at your front door? Don't worry - it's just a gift to someone else. If you're interested you can find them all here at World Vision - along with the clean water and malaria nets. So if you are trying to buy something for the person that has everything and needs nothing or just want to share the spirit of giving this might be a good idea for you.
While I haven't heard the sermon yet I'm really excited about hearing it tomorrow morning! It should be a good one.


Lisa said...

I'm not going to contradict Abby; if she says it's a camel- so it is! Brave girl. I wouldn't get that close to a camel.

Lisa said...

I'm not going to contradict Abby; if she says it's a camel- so it is! Brave girl. I wouldn't get that close to a camel.