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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My red polka dotted daughter

And by red polka dots I don't mean chicken pox or mosquito bite polka dots either.... 

I have a love/hate relationship with quiet time around here. Ever since Abby stopped napping we've had a dilemma around here because Abby {and mommy} can't go-go-go all day long without a break but it's hard to get Abby to stop and calm down and let herself rest a little. Plus sometimes mommy needs to get something done that I don't need little hands helping with or more recently need some quiet so Micah can take a good afternoon nap as it's usually his better nap of the day and I want it to keep him content until bath time or else mommy has to hold a grumpy baby and try to cook or eat dinner. 

For a while we tried watching a show Blue's Clues/Zooboomafoo/Sesame Street. It worked for a while but then Abby quit watching it and would go wander off, jump around and would still be noisy. Not the goal of quiet time. 

So we've moved to having quiet time in her room. She has toys and books in her room and we put on her quiet time music and we talk about that she needs to stay in her room quietly and she can look at her books and play with her toys. Then after I get Micah down for his nap {and depending on the day let mommy do some chores that I need to get done} I'll join her to read some books/play until Micah wakes up. 

Lately to her quiet time has been dress up time. Not with the dress up clothes she has to play with though. Just with her clothes in general. Today after quiet time we were on outfit number 4 {5 if you count the pajamas we started off the day in} I don't so much like this dress up because then the clothes end up all over her room - but at least she is playing nicely in her room and letting Micah get his nap in. So I'll get over it and she helps me put them away when we clean up her room after quiet time. 

Today she had been wanting to do an art project and since we didn't get a chance to get one in before quiet time I told her she could color during quiet time. We dragged the little table and a chair into her room. I got out her coloring book and some blank pieces of paper to color on but couldn't find the crayons in my limited search since Micah was already cranky and ready for his nap. So I reluctantly got out the markers - they are supposed to be washable after all right? We had a discussion about how markers only go on paper and went over that several times. We also made sure to repeat and get Abby to repeat back to me that we don't color on walls, tables or our reading books. She seemed to get it. 

Apparently I forgot to mention we don't color on ourselves...... 


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