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Friday, November 13, 2009

Movie night

Today we spent most of the day doing chores - mainly putting away laundry as it had been washed but not put away yet and mopping/vacuuming and putting away toys. So I figured we needed a fun evening. We did an art project then it was time for dinner and we decided on breakfast for dinner. Pancakes! {and some yogurt for Abby as well} Well except for Micah who was more interested in raspberrying his sweet potatoes all over himself and mama. 

Then after baths and pajamas we settled down to have movie night.  Well at least we were in our jammies. Micah took a quick cat nap instead of going to sleep at his normal bedtime then was up to help me make popcorn.

We certainly can't have a movie without popcorn! Abby enjoyed the movie - we picked UP to watch. It was pretty good - what I saw of it anyways. Abby enjoyed it because it had a puppy dog on the front. {She kept saying she wanted Madagascar we were on the way to the movie store}

Movie night went pretty well. Micah didn't really want to go to sleep but finally did go to sleep near the end of the movie - only to get woken up when I needed to get Abby into her bed. He went back down fairly quickly after getting Abby into bed so all in all it went okay - as long as he doesn't wake up super early and he did the last time he went to bed later than the bedtime he set for himself {and 99.9% of the time gets very fussy and tired at exactly that time - except tonight when he didn't want to miss the fun}