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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's mail time!

We came home from running errands to find a package in our mail box. A package all the way from France! We came inside to open it and find out what was inside! 

The first thing Abby found were some cute clothes for her! Look mama! 

Then a couple shirts for her and Micah from Gigi and Pops' cruise. Abby said it was 'so cute!' She then had to immediately go try it on. 

Then among the clothes there was one other surprise. A bag. 

A bag of pretty leaves. Leaves that changed to lovely shades of red and yellow. Not the green or brown with nothing in between that we have here. Much bigger than the leaves on most of the trees with have here too. Why leaves you ask? Well you'll just have to wait and see..... 

Yes Abby did have to change clothes practically immediately into her new shirt because she just HAD to try it on. She then had to try on her other outfit later during quiet time because well to her quiet time is a time to play dress up..... but not with her dress up clothes. Drives mommy crazy! 


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