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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas is coming early

to this blog at least! I decided today during nap time to try my hand at making my own background instead of using one of the premade ones I usually use so I could try and find what I really wanted. I ended up spending more time than I wanted trying to get the darn codes to work and had to rearrange stuff because it got moved during figuring out the code. I guess that's one good thing about the fact that Micah kept waking up during naptime and I had to rock/nurse him and am a pro at naking.* Plus I was ready for a break {which I used to go read books with Abby during quiet time} every time I convinced Micah to lay back down or else the blog would have had a plain white background because I could not for the life of me get the codes to work for the longest time! *nursing at keyboard Alas I finally got it to work and while this was just supposed to be a test to see that I could do it and I would put this up after Thanksgiving but it gave me such a headache for something that was supposed to be a simple task that I think I'm just gonna leave it and we'll ignore the fact that we haven't yet had Thanksgiving. I think that there might be some more changes in the weeks to come as I play around a little more {while trying not to mess up the work I already did!} And I can't leave you without a picture today can I?
Abby modeling her super cute pink corduroy jacket that Mimi sent her! It's adorable! {And yes it's a pretty pink despite the fact that it's looking like a more orangish/pink as I look at it again here on my laptop screen - hmm... not sure what to make of that either} Photobucket Now if only I got get the darn spacing to work - it's either no space or way too darn big of a gap! {bang hand on keyboard} It's just not my day to deal with so much technical stuff. Must have used up all the creative juices creating my awesome Christmas card last night.

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