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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Card pictures

I don't know how moms with multiple kids get great pictures. Well I kinda do - LOTS of pictures! Even then you have to really luck. I'm sure some of you know how hard it is to get two kids to look at the camera and stay in the frame to actually achieve what might be a decent shot - well that is if both kids have their eyes open and a decent expression. Add in a wiggly 6 month old who ya know doesn't understand why he needs to stay put and you can't bribe.... that makes the task even more difficult. If you have more than two kids and one of them is an infant and then you officially have my respect! 

I may have gotten 5-6 workable pictures of the 154 I took this afternoon plus another 4-5 good ones of each baby separately.  You'll have to wait to see those though! 

Well maybe one sneak peek.... these aren't the winners though.


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