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Friday, November 20, 2009

Sure no problem!

So Gigi and I discussed Abby's Christmas present, saw that it was on sale and decided the sale was even better if we actually picked it up instead of paying for shipping. I thought sure no problem. I had seen said item in the store before and while it's big it's not so huge that I was worried in the least about being able to pick it up and get it home. Beau had plans to take his mom out to a Spurs/Jazz game for her birthday so I figured I'd leave Abby home with him so he could get ready for the game and I'd run pick it up. Well with the garage sale the next day he ended up having to make a run to bring all our stuff to our friends garage and so I made a phone call to Grandpa to see if Abby could hang out with him so that she wouldn't see her present and it would be the surprise we want it to be. Grandpa saved the day and agreed without hesitation. It's such a blessing to have family that live in town that can save the day like that.
I had my brilliant plan in my head - knew which door to go in, wore the babe in the carrier, had the big empty stroller to put the big box on to stroll it out to the car, knew I could put the stroller in the front seat and the box in the trunk. No problem right?
The plan is working. I get into the store and they immediately go get the box and bring it out. This box is huge! The actual present is big but I guess you add some styrofoam around item {which comes assembled!} and you get a huge box. The girl at the store is great though. She got some string to tie the huge box to the stroller and goes to work making sure it's going to stay put. Awesome! What was almost a problem of the box not fitting in the stroller like I had planned in my head was averted and I'm off to the car. Probably getting lots of strange looks on the way out, wearing a baby and pushing a huge box tied on a stroller by myself.
I make it out to the car no problem - even through the two sets of doors in JC Pennys (why is it exactly that the big department stores feel the need for TWO sets of doors? They can be a huge pain to get a stroller through - especially the ones in Macy's that are twice as heavy and hard to open as any other store)
I start looking at all the tiny knots the girl tied thinking how in the world am I going to untie this? I should have asked for scissors. This is going to take me forever! Then I try to take my keys and just break it that way and realize ah ha it's stretchy! So stretchy in fact that I can just move it off the box! Awesome! Only one more step - getting it into the car.
Trunk open - check! Box in place - check!
Yeap that's right the HUGE box doesn't fit in the trunk. Okay I'm smart I can figure this out. I'll put the box in the front seat. It luckily doesn't have any picture markings on it and I can just get Grandpa to save the day again and store it at their house until Beau brings it home that night after dropping Grandma off from that basketball game they were going to that evening.
Then I find out that no the box will not fit in the front seat either. Uh oh!
Big Problem!
I call Beau who was dropping off the garage sale stuff not terribly far away and derail his plans making him swing by and pick up the box. He came by and got the box even though he couldn't in his head comprehend why I was having a problem getting it into the car... until he saw the box.
It is now safe here hiding in the office until Gigi and Pops arrive.
Ah {big sigh of relief} It's all going to be worth every second of picking up the big box when I get to see Abby open it and see what's inside!
Until then hope ya'll got a good laugh at my expense!

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