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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Birthday Party!

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a friend's little boy. Abby was so excited to go and play and celebrate his birthday! It was a western themed party at his Grandpa's ranch. Each child got a cute little cowboy/girl hat. The girl's hats had pretty pink flowers on them. Abby was excited at first but quickly got tired and didn't want to wear her hat. 

They had hayrides out to see the baby cows! We only saw one little white one but there were supposed to be 2-3 others. 

We played some birthday party games western style - like rope the horse with the rocking horse and hula hoops, throwing snakes in boots and tying knots with licorice ropes.

One of the birthday boy's presents was this cool swing that they had set up for everyone to swing on. 

Abby {and most of the other kids} favorite thing was the sand box where they could dig for gold nuggets. It was the first thing Abby went to when we got there and it was where she was when it was time go leave and go home as well. 

One of the members of the family had won this playhouse and it was remolded some because it had been two story but they took the second story out throughout most of the house and left just a little loft area so that adults could stand up inside then they added on the back section to make it even bigger! Plus they added air conditioning! What an awesome play house! 

Birthday parties are hard work though. Micah got tired of all the partying as it was nap time. So he became my little monkey. It worked out well though because we were making smores instead of birthday cake {to keep with a ranch/western theme! so cute!} so this way I had my hands free to make some smores for myself and Abby. Yummy! 

That nap wasn't quite long enough to keep us going though because this birthday party thing is hard work. I arrived home with two very tired asleep babies! Micah still went to bed just fine. Abby did want to immediately go to sleep but once upstairs she wanted a bath - so I agreed that would be a good idea as sand + playing + dirt = a girl in need of a bath. After that she was a little more awake so it took longer than normal to settle in for the night but not too bad. 


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