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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Best present ever

She's still loving her swing set! 

 Abby is sweet and sometimes likes to help push baby brother when she isn't too busy being pushed on her swing.

Pretty sure Micah enjoys it as well! 

One thing though can we adjust the time back? Not liking daylights savings time thing because it's dark practically before we even eat dinner at 6:30ish and now we can't go play on the swing set after dinner in the 30 minutes between dinner and bathtime. It was the perfect activity to keep both kids happy in the pre-bath crankiness. Abby has actually gone to bed early the past couple nights because she has been so tired/cranky lately... not quite sure what's up with her. Normal three year old testing the limits? Sibling rivalry? Whatever it is I hope we can work through it and find my sweet always cooperative little girl again soon! 


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