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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Any one care to guess what 925 refers to? 

And we have a winner! The number of pictures I have taken with my new camera in October. Well I guess technically the number of pictures I took and transfered to my computer because I deleted some directly off the camera before uploading to the computer. 


No one's close yet. It also does not refer to the number of times that I have to remind Abby about the quiet time rules (though that's probably close!) Any other guesses?


Scartch said...

the amount of candy that Abby got on Halloween?! lol

Lisa said...

Did Micah sleep until 9:25 this morning? Is he feeling better?

Lisa said...

The number of pictures you've taken already with the new camera?

Lisa said...

The cost of the mac computer you want? (HaHa)
How many pennies you all have?

Lisa said...

Is there a prize? ;)

Katie said...

Unfortunately the mac is probably more than $925 and all my pennies are in Abby's rock banks {paper mache painted made into rocks} for Bible class as they are donating change for missions as this semester we are studying through Acts.

No prize was in mind? What would you want? LOL