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Monday, November 30, 2009


I came across this new tee shirt company today. Wild Olive Tees. I'm in love! They are so pretty and have awesome sayings on them!

They are running a giveaway on their blog- you can win a shirt for yourself AND a giftcard to give to someone else. So not only can you get an awesome shirt you can check off someone on your Christmas gift list as well!

Run! Enter! http://www.wildolivetees.com/give-it-giveaway/

Saturday, November 28, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving with Beau's family. Abby thought it would be best to start out the day with a little yoga. Downward dog is her favorite pose.

Then she thought it'd be better to just be a dog.

Then there were appetizers.

Naptime and the men talked "shop." Which generally consists of football and politics which is quite conducive to making me sleepy for a nap but not so much for the baby staying asleep when they get (not if they get!) passionate about the subject.

(Since we are giving thanks - we are thankful for the new living room set we are going to be receiving soon! So very comfortable! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)

Then we gave thanks and ate! YUM!

After we ate we hung out, napped again with our full bellies, took a walk and then played some games.


Park playing girl

Friday, November 27, 2009

Africa Live

Wednesday Beau had the whole day off since he didn't have class so we declared it a family zoo day and off we went. It was beautiful weather - perfect for a zoo trip. Almost every single animal was out where we could see them. They seemed to be enjoying the weather as well. 

Abby as always loved seeing all the animals. She is totally not afraid of any of them - except for maybe the darkness of the bat exhibit. She thought this dragon was a lot like an iguana.

Micah even managed to stay awake for the whole zoo visit and saw some of the animals. 

Beau decided towards the end of the trip that maybe he hadn't been thinking correctly when he bought me a new camera for my birthday. He was ready for me to stop taking so many pictures! 


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We were able to enjoy a full day of spending quality time with family, some of which we don't get to see very often. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family - the ones that live near and the ones that live so very far away. We give thanks today for the wonderful family that we have. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My red polka dotted daughter

And by red polka dots I don't mean chicken pox or mosquito bite polka dots either.... 

I have a love/hate relationship with quiet time around here. Ever since Abby stopped napping we've had a dilemma around here because Abby {and mommy} can't go-go-go all day long without a break but it's hard to get Abby to stop and calm down and let herself rest a little. Plus sometimes mommy needs to get something done that I don't need little hands helping with or more recently need some quiet so Micah can take a good afternoon nap as it's usually his better nap of the day and I want it to keep him content until bath time or else mommy has to hold a grumpy baby and try to cook or eat dinner. 

For a while we tried watching a show Blue's Clues/Zooboomafoo/Sesame Street. It worked for a while but then Abby quit watching it and would go wander off, jump around and would still be noisy. Not the goal of quiet time. 

So we've moved to having quiet time in her room. She has toys and books in her room and we put on her quiet time music and we talk about that she needs to stay in her room quietly and she can look at her books and play with her toys. Then after I get Micah down for his nap {and depending on the day let mommy do some chores that I need to get done} I'll join her to read some books/play until Micah wakes up. 

Lately to her quiet time has been dress up time. Not with the dress up clothes she has to play with though. Just with her clothes in general. Today after quiet time we were on outfit number 4 {5 if you count the pajamas we started off the day in} I don't so much like this dress up because then the clothes end up all over her room - but at least she is playing nicely in her room and letting Micah get his nap in. So I'll get over it and she helps me put them away when we clean up her room after quiet time. 

Today she had been wanting to do an art project and since we didn't get a chance to get one in before quiet time I told her she could color during quiet time. We dragged the little table and a chair into her room. I got out her coloring book and some blank pieces of paper to color on but couldn't find the crayons in my limited search since Micah was already cranky and ready for his nap. So I reluctantly got out the markers - they are supposed to be washable after all right? We had a discussion about how markers only go on paper and went over that several times. We also made sure to repeat and get Abby to repeat back to me that we don't color on walls, tables or our reading books. She seemed to get it. 

Apparently I forgot to mention we don't color on ourselves...... 


Monday, November 23, 2009

Lil' Stinker


It's mail time!

We came home from running errands to find a package in our mail box. A package all the way from France! We came inside to open it and find out what was inside! 

The first thing Abby found were some cute clothes for her! Look mama! 

Then a couple shirts for her and Micah from Gigi and Pops' cruise. Abby said it was 'so cute!' She then had to immediately go try it on. 

Then among the clothes there was one other surprise. A bag. 

A bag of pretty leaves. Leaves that changed to lovely shades of red and yellow. Not the green or brown with nothing in between that we have here. Much bigger than the leaves on most of the trees with have here too. Why leaves you ask? Well you'll just have to wait and see..... 

Yes Abby did have to change clothes practically immediately into her new shirt because she just HAD to try it on. She then had to try on her other outfit later during quiet time because well to her quiet time is a time to play dress up..... but not with her dress up clothes. Drives mommy crazy! 


Saturday, November 21, 2009

A petting zoo....

at Church?
Yes you read that right. We had a petting zoo..... at Church this evening before the Saturday night service. Now why would you have a petting zoo before Church? I guess I would likely know the answer to that had I been in service last week but instead I was subbing in the Church nursery to watch all the babies Micah the only baby.
There was a goose {who I made sure to keep Abby as far away as I could because geese just scare me - and I know Beau had a bad experience being chased by them as he ran around the LSU lakes} some little pigs {I assume potbelly pigs or maybe piglets but they weren't cute like little pink Wilbur piglets - so I'm not sure?} some little hens {who Abby tried to pet through their cage before I could warn her they'd peck at her - I saved her finger from getting pecked at just in the nick of time!} a guinea pig, a couple rabbits, some goats {who were really enjoying the weeds/bushes/landscaping!}
And then there was this big girl {I think a girl.} This was Abby's favorite. She says it's a camel. What do you think?
So with all the rambling did you even catch what animals I said were in the mini-petting zoo?
Any one have any guesses why we had a mini-petting zoo at Church? It might have something to do with our preacher Max's tweet {yes he twitters!} this week asking "Which of these three would your rank as the number one need: clean water, malaria nets or no-interest loans to the poor?" Anyone have an opinion on which they think is most needed?
Did you know that you can purchase all of the above items in one place? {Well maybe not the guinea pig and an alpaca instead of a llama.}
Wait what did you say? You don't want a pig nor an aplaca showing up at your front door? Don't worry - it's just a gift to someone else. If you're interested you can find them all here at World Vision - along with the clean water and malaria nets. So if you are trying to buy something for the person that has everything and needs nothing or just want to share the spirit of giving this might be a good idea for you.
While I haven't heard the sermon yet I'm really excited about hearing it tomorrow morning! It should be a good one.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rough day

We had to be up early this morning as we were having a garage sale with some friends to clear out our homes before Christmas (and for one of our friends they are moving and we will miss them!) So I got up when Micah did - bright and early as always - and got us ready and was waiting around debating on when I wanted to wake Abby up when she woke up on her own got woken up because I was talking to Gigi on the phone. {That girl can hear me talking to Gigi no matter how quiet/far away I may be!} Either way she was up way early compared to when she would normally wake up. 

I'll spare ya'll the rest of the details of the day but it goes like this: Abby gets carsick {or at least at that point I assumed carsick} has a complete meltdown, a nap in my lap, gets sick again, a long nap in my bed and a grouchy evening and is now in her bed asleep and seems to be on the mend thankfully. 

I don't like seeing my babies sick and am so thankful she seems to be getting over this already.


Sure no problem!

So Gigi and I discussed Abby's Christmas present, saw that it was on sale and decided the sale was even better if we actually picked it up instead of paying for shipping. I thought sure no problem. I had seen said item in the store before and while it's big it's not so huge that I was worried in the least about being able to pick it up and get it home. Beau had plans to take his mom out to a Spurs/Jazz game for her birthday so I figured I'd leave Abby home with him so he could get ready for the game and I'd run pick it up. Well with the garage sale the next day he ended up having to make a run to bring all our stuff to our friends garage and so I made a phone call to Grandpa to see if Abby could hang out with him so that she wouldn't see her present and it would be the surprise we want it to be. Grandpa saved the day and agreed without hesitation. It's such a blessing to have family that live in town that can save the day like that.
I had my brilliant plan in my head - knew which door to go in, wore the babe in the carrier, had the big empty stroller to put the big box on to stroll it out to the car, knew I could put the stroller in the front seat and the box in the trunk. No problem right?
The plan is working. I get into the store and they immediately go get the box and bring it out. This box is huge! The actual present is big but I guess you add some styrofoam around item {which comes assembled!} and you get a huge box. The girl at the store is great though. She got some string to tie the huge box to the stroller and goes to work making sure it's going to stay put. Awesome! What was almost a problem of the box not fitting in the stroller like I had planned in my head was averted and I'm off to the car. Probably getting lots of strange looks on the way out, wearing a baby and pushing a huge box tied on a stroller by myself.
I make it out to the car no problem - even through the two sets of doors in JC Pennys (why is it exactly that the big department stores feel the need for TWO sets of doors? They can be a huge pain to get a stroller through - especially the ones in Macy's that are twice as heavy and hard to open as any other store)
I start looking at all the tiny knots the girl tied thinking how in the world am I going to untie this? I should have asked for scissors. This is going to take me forever! Then I try to take my keys and just break it that way and realize ah ha it's stretchy! So stretchy in fact that I can just move it off the box! Awesome! Only one more step - getting it into the car.
Trunk open - check! Box in place - check!
Yeap that's right the HUGE box doesn't fit in the trunk. Okay I'm smart I can figure this out. I'll put the box in the front seat. It luckily doesn't have any picture markings on it and I can just get Grandpa to save the day again and store it at their house until Beau brings it home that night after dropping Grandma off from that basketball game they were going to that evening.
Then I find out that no the box will not fit in the front seat either. Uh oh!
Big Problem!
I call Beau who was dropping off the garage sale stuff not terribly far away and derail his plans making him swing by and pick up the box. He came by and got the box even though he couldn't in his head comprehend why I was having a problem getting it into the car... until he saw the box.
It is now safe here hiding in the office until Gigi and Pops arrive.
Ah {big sigh of relief} It's all going to be worth every second of picking up the big box when I get to see Abby open it and see what's inside!
Until then hope ya'll got a good laugh at my expense!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elf on a shelf

I can't decide if I like this or not. I absolutely love the creativeness and fun that would result in hiding the elf and creating his mischief around the house for Abby to find. But do I really want to play into Santa that much? I think he's pretty darn cute though! 


Christmas is coming early

to this blog at least! I decided today during nap time to try my hand at making my own background instead of using one of the premade ones I usually use so I could try and find what I really wanted. I ended up spending more time than I wanted trying to get the darn codes to work and had to rearrange stuff because it got moved during figuring out the code. I guess that's one good thing about the fact that Micah kept waking up during naptime and I had to rock/nurse him and am a pro at naking.* Plus I was ready for a break {which I used to go read books with Abby during quiet time} every time I convinced Micah to lay back down or else the blog would have had a plain white background because I could not for the life of me get the codes to work for the longest time! *nursing at keyboard Alas I finally got it to work and while this was just supposed to be a test to see that I could do it and I would put this up after Thanksgiving but it gave me such a headache for something that was supposed to be a simple task that I think I'm just gonna leave it and we'll ignore the fact that we haven't yet had Thanksgiving. I think that there might be some more changes in the weeks to come as I play around a little more {while trying not to mess up the work I already did!} And I can't leave you without a picture today can I?
Abby modeling her super cute pink corduroy jacket that Mimi sent her! It's adorable! {And yes it's a pretty pink despite the fact that it's looking like a more orangish/pink as I look at it again here on my laptop screen - hmm... not sure what to make of that either} Photobucket Now if only I got get the darn spacing to work - it's either no space or way too darn big of a gap! {bang hand on keyboard} It's just not my day to deal with so much technical stuff. Must have used up all the creative juices creating my awesome Christmas card last night.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Photo story

So for the past couple months I've become addicted to this other blog (does that sound stalkerish?)  Well MckMama the mama that write that blog posted a tutorial/lesson on how to do these side by side photo stories so I had to give it a shot!  With her awesome easy to follow directions it was actually really simple to do - after I found the buttons on my photo editing software since I don't have Photoshop {I guess we can add that to my ever growing Christmas wish list huh? Right behind the new computer that it would take to run the photo editing software and fancy lenses for my camera so I can take pictures at least half as awesome as MckMama does!} 

So last Friday {I believe - movie night} we also did an art project to get us in the Thanksgiving mood. Since we didn't have any cool leaves in our yard to do this awesome project we settled for the classic handprint turkeys. It's not quite finished but you get the idea! 

Even Micah got in on it so we have a bigger Abby turkey and a little Micah turkey to remember our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. 


Christmas Card pictures

I don't know how moms with multiple kids get great pictures. Well I kinda do - LOTS of pictures! Even then you have to really luck. I'm sure some of you know how hard it is to get two kids to look at the camera and stay in the frame to actually achieve what might be a decent shot - well that is if both kids have their eyes open and a decent expression. Add in a wiggly 6 month old who ya know doesn't understand why he needs to stay put and you can't bribe.... that makes the task even more difficult. If you have more than two kids and one of them is an infant and then you officially have my respect! 

I may have gotten 5-6 workable pictures of the 154 I took this afternoon plus another 4-5 good ones of each baby separately.  You'll have to wait to see those though! 

Well maybe one sneak peek.... these aren't the winners though.


Thanks so much gigi

She really spoils us!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not me!

I did not let Abby have brownie for breakfast while we were craving our pumpkin before Halloween simply because I left them out where Beau and Abby could see and since Beau wanted/got one I was a mean mommy and did not let Abby have one as well. Nope we would never allow brownies for breakfast.