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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Squishy lizard

So one day I put the 'squishy lizard' toy (a plastic lizard that has something in it that makes it a little squishy) on the top of the shower curtain bar so Abby could just see the top section of it and it was just hanging out there. She thought that was so funny so recently she started getting on the back of the couch and hanging out there kinda like how the squishy lizard hung out on the curtain rod.
I think this is the best picture I've gotten of her recently because she is almost always on the move and never stays still even if she asks me to take her picture!
Kind of like here:
(She was doing ballet for Grandma and Grandpa while waiting for lunch to be ready)


Lisa said...

That's the prettiest squishy lizard ever!

Love Gigi

Heidi said...

She's so big! I think I just have seen pictures of her face.