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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Problem solved!

So after rearranging the playroom to accommodate baby foods toys (what was I thinking when I wrote food?) I had to move some books into Abby's room to make more room on our shelves in the playroom. Abby however did not have any book shelves in her room and her night stand shelf was not big enough for all the books I moved into her room. So we had a problem. Not a big problem but a mess none the less.

I didn't really have a good space for a bookshelf in her room the way it was set up and in browsing some blogs and activity websites I came across rain gutter bookshelves and I thought that was such a creative idea. Much more inviting than a traditional bookshelf because you can see the cover of all the books to pick from and easier for Abby to clean up as she has a hard time lining up books in a traditional bookshelf banner (they usually end up stacked instead of standing)

I asked Beau if he was up for a DIY project and he said okay - especially once he saw the instructions and realized he could get a new tool out of it. {The instructions call for a hacksaw to cut the rain gutters}

He cut the rain gutter in half to make two shelves out of the one rain gutter. 

Then he placed an end cap on each end to keep little fingers safe. 

And finally put them on Abby's wall. All in all the project (including the trip to Home Depot and a stop at Blockbuster) only took 2 hours and was cheaper and cooler than traditional bookshelves.

 Abby couldn't wait to put her books on the shelves! 

All done and ready to read! 

I love the look of them! They turned out super cute. The books along the wall give her room more color which is nice since all the walls are white everywhere in this house (and I'm getting tired of white walls!)



stephanie rizzo said...

I Loveeeeee them, so going to get jer to do this! thanks for sharing!

stephanie rizzo said...

I Loveeeeee them, so going to get jer to do this! thanks for sharing!