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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Play dough!

In the spirt of the fall season Abby and I made some pumpkin spice play dough while Micah took a nap.  

Okay maybe some is not quite the right word here. I think I should have read the recipe and actually thought about the measurements before making it. I read it and said hmm... that seems like a lot of flour not thinking how much play dough it would actually make! We have a ton of play dough now!


Abby was quite the happy girl though - even though I didn't make it pink as she requested when I first told her we were making play dough - she loved playing with it. We hadn't played play dough at home in a while because of issues with her not wanting to put it away before moving onto something else (she does play with it most days we go to the Church nursery though)  so it was a treat to play with it at home. 

(The computer was out for the recipe/directions) 

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