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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My awesome birthday present

Beau did a fabulous job in picking out a birthday present for me and he {and the babies} got me this amazing new dslr camera. I'm in love with it. He gave it to me the day before we put up Abby's swing set so I could take some pictures of Abby enjoying her swing set with my new camera. If you can't tell by the number of new pictures and posts and by me saying it already I'm in love with it! Then my parents got me a beautiful strap to use that is longer than the normal strap, a book so I can learn more about all the settings because so far I've mostly used the automatic settings and a case for it. 

Thanks to everyone for the great birthday! Now I've got a brownie pan I need to go break in because I keep getting side tracked by other sweets.... hmm... I'm never going to actually start that diet now am I? 


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