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Friday, October 16, 2009


After the gym today we were getting into the car and while I was buckling Micah in, Abby spotted a glimpse of something blue on the back speaker area behind her car seat.  She asked me to get it for her so I asked her what it was (wondering what she thought it was.) She told me it was an M&M for her to eat. I got it (knowing it couldn't be an M&M) and gave it to her. She was very happy to have her ring once she realized that was in fact what it was. 

So I start to drive home since the kiddos are now buckled in. Abby is talking about how happy she is to have her ring back and I'm remembering the ring but can't place when and where she got this ring. Then Abby mentions that it came from Mimi and Pappy. I say okay - thinking she must know but - but still not remembering how we came to own this ring. 

Then Abby tells me it came from the pizza place with Mimi and Pappy. Ah ha! I remember now. She was given a quarter to get something out of the machine and the ring is what she got! Smart girl! Mommy couldn't even remember but Abby remembered after not playing with or seeing this ring for a while (little rings and cars don't get along well and it got hidden!) 


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