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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lemon chicken

Monday night I was in the mood for some chinese food - more specifically lemon chicken from PF Changs but didn't really want to eat take out or premade HEB lemon chicken and decided to try my hand at making my own. Surprisingly I could not find a single recipe to go by which I'm almost always a recipe gal and generally won't cook without one until I know it well enough to do without it. I took a chance and bought some lemon curd to make the sauce out of. I made a tempura-ish batter with flour and ice cold water and cooked some chicken (in nugget sized pieces) that I had dipped in the batter in a little bit of oil {hey! I never said it was super healthy - but at least it's better than take out!} and fried it up. Then I took a couple tablespoons of the lemon curd with the juice of a small lemon and microwaved it to make it into a sauce instead of the spread that it was before. When the chicken was all cooked I poured the sauce over it and voila lemon chicken. I served it with some rice and cold peas (as that is the veggie Abby wanted and she specifically asked for cold peas - she seems to prefer them that way and ate them while I was cooking the rest of dinner) 

Yum! Abby thought it was pretty tasty! She even tried to share with baby brother! 

Okay not really. She did however pretend it was an airplane or maybe a boat. Baby brother was busy eating something else anyway. 

Silly boy. Sippy cups aren't for eating. He hasn't quite figured out how to drink from it yet but it makes a mighty nice toy to chew on! {And makes a royal wet mess if you let him play with it without the leak-stopping valve in it so that he can easily get some water to realize what he's supposed to do with a sippy cup!}

{And yes my dinner was so yummy that I did just write a whole post about it} 


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