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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chore time

We've gotten into a pretty good routine lately and have given Abby some chores she asked to do including giving Honey water {something she loves to do}, picking up toys and putting away her clothes. She generally is very cooperative during 'chore time' and requests we play the clean up song while we pick up toys. We try and have our chore time right after quiet time when Micah is generally pretty content to play so we can get our chores done. 

Yesterday when she heard the dryer melody go off indicating the clothes were dry she ran off from playing in the den to unload the dryer for me without me saying a thing. 

She took all the clothes out and put them in the laundry basket for me. She would have helped me fold them too had we gotten a chance to fold clothes before Micah was ready to have some extra attention as she loves to fold clothes too - but she especially loves to fold all the kitchen towels for me. 

Hmm... I'd like to think this was because she enjoys being a little helper around the house but in reality I think it was because she remembered her bulldog puppy was in that load of clothes in the dryer and she was ready to have him back now that he was all clean. {He had gotten a little wet and Abby decided he needed to be washed so a wash he got.}


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