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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My awesome birthday present

Beau did a fabulous job in picking out a birthday present for me and he {and the babies} got me this amazing new dslr camera. I'm in love with it. He gave it to me the day before we put up Abby's swing set so I could take some pictures of Abby enjoying her swing set with my new camera. If you can't tell by the number of new pictures and posts and by me saying it already I'm in love with it! Then my parents got me a beautiful strap to use that is longer than the normal strap, a book so I can learn more about all the settings because so far I've mostly used the automatic settings and a case for it. 

Thanks to everyone for the great birthday! Now I've got a brownie pan I need to go break in because I keep getting side tracked by other sweets.... hmm... I'm never going to actually start that diet now am I? 


Chore time

We've gotten into a pretty good routine lately and have given Abby some chores she asked to do including giving Honey water {something she loves to do}, picking up toys and putting away her clothes. She generally is very cooperative during 'chore time' and requests we play the clean up song while we pick up toys. We try and have our chore time right after quiet time when Micah is generally pretty content to play so we can get our chores done. 

Yesterday when she heard the dryer melody go off indicating the clothes were dry she ran off from playing in the den to unload the dryer for me without me saying a thing. 

She took all the clothes out and put them in the laundry basket for me. She would have helped me fold them too had we gotten a chance to fold clothes before Micah was ready to have some extra attention as she loves to fold clothes too - but she especially loves to fold all the kitchen towels for me. 

Hmm... I'd like to think this was because she enjoys being a little helper around the house but in reality I think it was because she remembered her bulldog puppy was in that load of clothes in the dryer and she was ready to have him back now that he was all clean. {He had gotten a little wet and Abby decided he needed to be washed so a wash he got.}


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pray for this little guy

He needs the prayers today! 

Prayers for Stellan

If you click on the picture it will take you to the most recent update. 

If you go HERE it will take you to Stellan's story to find out more about him. 

Wordless Wednesday


Okay I lied - maybe a couple words. WE MISS GIGI! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My little artiste

Abby was drawing on her chalk board and she called out to me to show me her drawing and told me she had drawn a sun and wanted to show it off. So we'll show it off to everyone now! Look how pretty her sunshine is! 


Monday, October 26, 2009

New blue jeans

Abby has gone through a growth spurt lately - all the sudden her jeans were too short and now that it's actually pants weather around here (at least a couple days a week are!) so we needed some jeans that are long enough and hopefully the length will help our plumber booty as well - as soon as I tighten the elastic in the waist {don't know how we could wear pants without that!} She had to put them on as soon as we got home and was being silly saying I needed to take a picture of her booty. 

Of course next time I'll think better and look at the weather report and not tell her we'll go out if it is planning on raining all day long! 


Not Me!

I got the idea for this from MckMama you can head over there and see what everyone else has not been up to this week! 

This week Abby certainly did not lock Micah and I out of the house after playing on the swing set. Nope not my sweet loving daughter. She would never find it funny to lock the door and run into the den and repeatedly run away from the door as I knocked and told her to unlock it. Nope that would never happen here. {And it especially would not have happened again later in the week because she thought she was so funny the first time}


I never make a mess during dinner and leave it for Beau to clean the next day, instead going out to play on the swing set after dinner instead. Nope, not me! {The dishes do get cleared, plates in the dishwasher - if this were to have happened it was only the big pans that did not get left for Beau to clean - I'm not that messy!}

I would never bride Abby with a Sonic apple juice slush after ballet if she listens to her teacher. She enjoys ballet and never lets her 3 year old self get distracted and silly and certainly never tries to take her leotard off during ballet or tries to chew on her skirt so therefore I never have to bribe her to listen to Miss Olivia the whole hour of ballet.  {She does really enjoy it I wouldn't make her go if she didn't} 

I also did not I repeat did not make sure I went to the gym this morning on my birthday just so that I could enjoy an extra cupcake without feeling guilty {at least too guilty!} 


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me-------- Happy birthday to me! 

Beau and Abby made me some super yummy cupcakes for my birthday! Yum! Beau had already given me my present a couple weeks ago - a fantastically amazing camera {which ya'll - you know the 4 grandparents that read this} have been reaping the benefits of. 


Sunday, October 25, 2009

My little pumpkins

Saturday we went out the the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins for Halloween. Last year we went to a bigger patch but this year we opted to go to a smaller patch without all the extras - just the pumpkins. Abby still had just as much fun looking at all the pumpkins. 

Micah was a happy baby looking at all the pumpkins and especially loved when we gave him one to hold onto. 

With all the bright orange pumpkins and people everywhere he couldn't figure out which way to look! 

And Abby didn't really want to look at the camera for pictures! She also kept changing her mind about which pumpkin she wanted but finally picked one! 

We even found one {we think} big enough to stick Micah in for a picture! 

Think it's big enough? 

We tried to get a family picture at the pumpkin patch but Beau didn't really want to be in the picture... and neither did Abby. She kept running off and looking away. Micah was content to eat his pumpkin and look around but was too distracted to really look at the camera. So this is the best we got. There's always next year. 


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few photos of the babies while watching Beau work on the shelves for Abby's room. 

Abby of course found one of her favorite creatures - a rolly polly to play with. 


Problem solved!

So after rearranging the playroom to accommodate baby foods toys (what was I thinking when I wrote food?) I had to move some books into Abby's room to make more room on our shelves in the playroom. Abby however did not have any book shelves in her room and her night stand shelf was not big enough for all the books I moved into her room. So we had a problem. Not a big problem but a mess none the less.

I didn't really have a good space for a bookshelf in her room the way it was set up and in browsing some blogs and activity websites I came across rain gutter bookshelves and I thought that was such a creative idea. Much more inviting than a traditional bookshelf because you can see the cover of all the books to pick from and easier for Abby to clean up as she has a hard time lining up books in a traditional bookshelf banner (they usually end up stacked instead of standing)

I asked Beau if he was up for a DIY project and he said okay - especially once he saw the instructions and realized he could get a new tool out of it. {The instructions call for a hacksaw to cut the rain gutters}

He cut the rain gutter in half to make two shelves out of the one rain gutter. 

Then he placed an end cap on each end to keep little fingers safe. 

And finally put them on Abby's wall. All in all the project (including the trip to Home Depot and a stop at Blockbuster) only took 2 hours and was cheaper and cooler than traditional bookshelves.

 Abby couldn't wait to put her books on the shelves! 

All done and ready to read! 

I love the look of them! They turned out super cute. The books along the wall give her room more color which is nice since all the walls are white everywhere in this house (and I'm getting tired of white walls!)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lemon chicken

Monday night I was in the mood for some chinese food - more specifically lemon chicken from PF Changs but didn't really want to eat take out or premade HEB lemon chicken and decided to try my hand at making my own. Surprisingly I could not find a single recipe to go by which I'm almost always a recipe gal and generally won't cook without one until I know it well enough to do without it. I took a chance and bought some lemon curd to make the sauce out of. I made a tempura-ish batter with flour and ice cold water and cooked some chicken (in nugget sized pieces) that I had dipped in the batter in a little bit of oil {hey! I never said it was super healthy - but at least it's better than take out!} and fried it up. Then I took a couple tablespoons of the lemon curd with the juice of a small lemon and microwaved it to make it into a sauce instead of the spread that it was before. When the chicken was all cooked I poured the sauce over it and voila lemon chicken. I served it with some rice and cold peas (as that is the veggie Abby wanted and she specifically asked for cold peas - she seems to prefer them that way and ate them while I was cooking the rest of dinner) 

Yum! Abby thought it was pretty tasty! She even tried to share with baby brother! 

Okay not really. She did however pretend it was an airplane or maybe a boat. Baby brother was busy eating something else anyway. 

Silly boy. Sippy cups aren't for eating. He hasn't quite figured out how to drink from it yet but it makes a mighty nice toy to chew on! {And makes a royal wet mess if you let him play with it without the leak-stopping valve in it so that he can easily get some water to realize what he's supposed to do with a sippy cup!}

{And yes my dinner was so yummy that I did just write a whole post about it} 


Friday, October 16, 2009


After the gym today we were getting into the car and while I was buckling Micah in, Abby spotted a glimpse of something blue on the back speaker area behind her car seat.  She asked me to get it for her so I asked her what it was (wondering what she thought it was.) She told me it was an M&M for her to eat. I got it (knowing it couldn't be an M&M) and gave it to her. She was very happy to have her ring once she realized that was in fact what it was. 

So I start to drive home since the kiddos are now buckled in. Abby is talking about how happy she is to have her ring back and I'm remembering the ring but can't place when and where she got this ring. Then Abby mentions that it came from Mimi and Pappy. I say okay - thinking she must know but - but still not remembering how we came to own this ring. 

Then Abby tells me it came from the pizza place with Mimi and Pappy. Ah ha! I remember now. She was given a quarter to get something out of the machine and the ring is what she got! Smart girl! Mommy couldn't even remember but Abby remembered after not playing with or seeing this ring for a while (little rings and cars don't get along well and it got hidden!)