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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yogurt thief

Abby is quite the mischievous little girl. I have some snack foods she can get to in case I happen to be feeding/rocking Micah to sleep and can't get up at the moment. This way she won't be too noisy and Micah can fall asleep faster. However she used to ask and I'd give her the okay to get something. This week she's been on a yogurt kick and has been getting into the fridge and helping herself whenever she wants. One day she had yogurt with breakfast (which is fairly common around here) then while I was getting Micah down for an afternoon nap she instead of playing in the playroom went and got a yogurt. Okay fine she was hungry sure. Then while Beau was cooking dinner she snuck behind him, grabbed a yogurt and opened it before either of us could stop her. So 3 yogurts in one day. Then today again during the afternoon rocking Micah for a nap she took off instead of having quiet time with us. I could hear her in the playroom so I didn't think anything of it until she came in the room asking for a towel because she had something on her toe... I asked what it was and she said yogurt. At least it isn't something unhealthy! I supposed she could have helped herself to the baked white cheddar cheetos that are still on the kitchen table from lunch but she didn't (or else didn't realize they were there.)

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