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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Friday

Friday was fun friday as a reward for Abby behaving and listening really well during the week - as we've been having a little bit of trouble with Abby not wanting to listening and having crazy 3 year old days. We started off the day with mommy and me yoga for some mommy/daughter time without baby brother (he stays in the gym nursery.) After packing a picnic we headed to the zoo. Abby wanted to see the giraffe first so we headed there and saw him (and noticed they no longer have a zebra - even the sign is gone but I swear they used to!?) Then down to see if the lion and tiger were out - the lion enclosure was being cleaned so we could only hear them not see them as they were inside. The tiger was also inside as he normally is during warm days. We only see him maybe 50% of the time when we go to the zoo. Then to the kangaroos, by the birds to the tot spot to play. Then after playing we went through the monkeys on the way out. We skipped the bears because they are also generally inside/sleeping. After some quiet time at home we headed back to the gym because they were having hamburgers and hot dogs along with a bounce house (actually 2 - one for little kids one for big kids and an obstacle course) So we bounced, ate dinner and bounced some more. To finish off fun Friday we headed home for a movie. I was almost certain she'd fall asleep but she proved me wrong and watched all of A Little Mermaid.
I'm thinking fun Friday will be a regular monthly event - maybe not every week and probably not as much packed into one day as we did here (the bounce house/gym event just happened to be that day and since Beau couldn't be with us for dinner this sounded like an excellent way to not have to cook!)
Abby was too busy too look at the camera the whole time we were there! (And way too bouncy to get a picture in the bounce house with my camera!)

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