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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun Friday

Friday was fun friday as a reward for Abby behaving and listening really well during the week - as we've been having a little bit of trouble with Abby not wanting to listening and having crazy 3 year old days. We started off the day with mommy and me yoga for some mommy/daughter time without baby brother (he stays in the gym nursery.) After packing a picnic we headed to the zoo. Abby wanted to see the giraffe first so we headed there and saw him (and noticed they no longer have a zebra - even the sign is gone but I swear they used to!?) Then down to see if the lion and tiger were out - the lion enclosure was being cleaned so we could only hear them not see them as they were inside. The tiger was also inside as he normally is during warm days. We only see him maybe 50% of the time when we go to the zoo. Then to the kangaroos, by the birds to the tot spot to play. Then after playing we went through the monkeys on the way out. We skipped the bears because they are also generally inside/sleeping. After some quiet time at home we headed back to the gym because they were having hamburgers and hot dogs along with a bounce house (actually 2 - one for little kids one for big kids and an obstacle course) So we bounced, ate dinner and bounced some more. To finish off fun Friday we headed home for a movie. I was almost certain she'd fall asleep but she proved me wrong and watched all of A Little Mermaid.
I'm thinking fun Friday will be a regular monthly event - maybe not every week and probably not as much packed into one day as we did here (the bounce house/gym event just happened to be that day and since Beau couldn't be with us for dinner this sounded like an excellent way to not have to cook!)
Abby was too busy too look at the camera the whole time we were there! (And way too bouncy to get a picture in the bounce house with my camera!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fort Worth Stockyards

While we were in Arlington for a family weekend with Beau's parents, sister and brother-in-law we visited the Fort Worth Stockyards. We had gotten into Arlington Friday and went to the Rangers game, then the Stockyards Saturday for lunch and the Rangers game again Saturday night and home on Sunday.
Abby enjoyed seeing the animals and the little petting zoo. We didn't go in to see the goats because the line was really long. After the petting zoo Abby and Grandma rode a mechanical bull. Grandpa took the pictures of that with Grandma's camera so should I get copies of those I'll post them. :) In fact Grandma and Grandpa did most of the picture taking so I'll have to get copies of most of those pictures!

New boots (slippers!)

Thanks grandma!

My little ballerina

Abby started dance class on September 14th. Our Church offers a free program teaching dance - basic technique and glorifying God through dance. The first week was a little tough for Abby as she is shy in new situations and halfway through was done paying attention and came back to where I was sitting (in the same room) and rolled around on the floor and tried running around in the back of the class room. The second week we talked about how she was going to listen to her teacher before we went and I stayed in the hallway outside the open gathering area where class takes place and she did much better. She still didn't answer the teachers questions when she asked about favorite colors or fruits but she participated and did most of the things the teacher asked her to.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Mommy I love baby brother.

And no it's not really cold here someone just likes jackets.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So someone didn't want to pick up all the millions of toys that were in the living room so mommy put them in a box until she was ready to help clean them up. Today as mommy wouldn't let play with them until they went up to the playroom she decided to simply join them in the box. Hmmm... not what I was going for.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What Micah can do Abby can do too. "I a baby" she told me.

Yogurt thief

Abby is quite the mischievous little girl. I have some snack foods she can get to in case I happen to be feeding/rocking Micah to sleep and can't get up at the moment. This way she won't be too noisy and Micah can fall asleep faster. However she used to ask and I'd give her the okay to get something. This week she's been on a yogurt kick and has been getting into the fridge and helping herself whenever she wants. One day she had yogurt with breakfast (which is fairly common around here) then while I was getting Micah down for an afternoon nap she instead of playing in the playroom went and got a yogurt. Okay fine she was hungry sure. Then while Beau was cooking dinner she snuck behind him, grabbed a yogurt and opened it before either of us could stop her. So 3 yogurts in one day. Then today again during the afternoon rocking Micah for a nap she took off instead of having quiet time with us. I could hear her in the playroom so I didn't think anything of it until she came in the room asking for a towel because she had something on her toe... I asked what it was and she said yogurt. At least it isn't something unhealthy! I supposed she could have helped herself to the baked white cheddar cheetos that are still on the kitchen table from lunch but she didn't (or else didn't realize they were there.)

Make up

I think someone just might have put on some of mommys lip gloss all by herself!


Beau, Micah and I left Disney around 3 and headed to Versailles (because Disney wasn't tiring enough ha ha!)
Pictures aren't that great because it was quite crowed - but still much less crowded than it had been when we thought about going the previous Sunday after checking out the Versailles market.
Still to come - pictures from our river cruise on the Seine and from climbing the Eiffel Tower (why yes we did climb - all the stairs - to the second level - the night before hitting Disney and Versailles) Also the Champs d'Elysee from our final day in Paris.

Disney (again!)

Tuesday August 11th we took Beau back to Disney with us. Our tickets got us in twice so he was able to use Pop's ticket as they didn't have names on them. It was great fun to go again! I beat Beau both times in the Buzz Lightyear ride where you have to shoot targets with your gun. I even got to level 4 the last time (we went twice.)

Sacre Coeur

On Monday August 10th we headed up to Sacre Coeur to see the Church there as well as the artist square. The Church is beautiful and you have an amazing view of Paris from the steps (but didn't get a photo of it) We ate lunch up there and had Abby and Micah's portraits drawn. We also got some really yummy ice cream there as well.

Sight seeing in Paris

Beau joined us in Paris on August 6th (also our anniversary!) We went out that morning to the Louvre - walked around in the courtyard then to get sandwiches and took them into the Jardin de Tulieries for a picnic. That evening after Beau had a nap, we (minus Abby) went out to see the Eiffel Tower at night time.
*Yes the pictures are in reverse order. Oops.

Tower of London

Finally we went to the Tower of London - which is massive by the way. We went in and walked around some and went in to see the Crown Jewels. They're beautiful but it's a long wait to get into the building and then a long line inside before you actually see the real jewels. Abby liked that they were sparkly but she really didn't like having to be patient and wait in line at this point.
The outside of the Tower of London. There are many smaller buildings inside of this.
While we were waiting in line outside Abby chased birds (and I chased Abby) while Gigi waited in line. The building in which the Crown Jewels are located.

London continued

The next morning we went and saw some sights around the city.
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben and the House of Parliament
London Eye (big ferris wheel that takes about 30 minutes to make a full rotation - we didn't go on it)

Buckingham Palace

Next stop Buckingham Palace. Not quite as impressive looking after seeing the massive French palaces. We could have toured it but we didn't want to attempt it with a very active toddler!

Royal Mews

Our London trip on August 4th and 5th started with a visit to the Royal Mews where the Queen's horses, carriages and cars are taken care of. This was very possibly Abby's very favorite part of the London trip because she loves animals and really enjoyed seeing the horses. The horses we saw were not the ones that pull the Queen's carriage though because the grey horses are the ones that do that and we only saw the brown ones. (Unless you count the fake ones we saw all decked out to pull the golden carriage)