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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Abby's conversation with Daddy today

Daddy, "Abby, You love your daddy?"
Abby, "Ummm...Yea."
Daddy, "You love your mommy?"
Abby, "Yea...I love puppy too."
Daddy, "What about baby brudder?"
Abby, "Umm...brudder doesn't talk yet daddy."
Daddy, "But you still love him right?"
Abby, "Yea."
Daddy, "Puppy doesn't talk either."
Abby, "Puppy talk a little bit."
Daddy, "What does puppy say?"
Abby, "Puppy stick her tongue out like this and talk like this (panting), that how puppy talk."
Daddy, "You're a goober"

It's too hot

Abby now knows how to open the back door and let puppy inside. "it's too hot for puppy to stay outside because sun is shinning" is what she told me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009


On Sat night after a cookout with Gigi and Pops friends and cupcakes for Abby's birthday we went to Versailles to see a fireworks show. When we got there they had classical music playing and huge bubble machines going. Both little ones fell asleep before the firework began but they were beautiful and wonderfully coordinated to the music. They also had fire things going off to the music along with the fireworks. 


We spent Thursday at Disneyland Paris! We had a blast. We rode It's A Small World (twice), the tea cups, Dumbo, the carousel, the train and Buzz Lightyear. We also rode Peter Pan but Abby didn't like that one. We didn't wait in line to meet any Characters because Abby wouldn't have gone to them to take pictures. Abby did really well for a busy day with lots of lines and we stayed until 8 to see the Parade that started at 7:15.