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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clothing choices

I think I need to give Abby fewer options for clothing... especially if I want her to match or at least be dressed for the right season. A couple days ago she picked out a pair of striped pants and her long sleeve black puppy dog shirt. But it's okay it "matched" her puppy panties. Today she is wearing some blue shorts with hearts on them with a long sleeve dark greenish blue shirt. They "match" according to Abby because they are both blue. She refuses to wear anything I pick out. If it's not her choice and from her bottom drawer she doesn't want to wear it. She especially loves to wear her blue jeans if she finds them. Unless you spend 20 + minutes trying to convince her what you picked was cute and matched or chase her and try to wrangle her into something (only done for going to Church) so far. It's not worth the fight for staying home or simply running errands. Though it is a bit hot to wear pants/long sleeves - so that drawer will be empty and the clothes put away until it's cold again and we'll see if she still fits in those clothes when it does get cool again. So I'll be doing some re-arranging in her dresser soon! She also refuses to let me fix her hair with bows or a pony tail anymore so it always looks pretty messy and in her eyes. Hopefully that will change soon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tired munchkin

Abby was helping Daddy clean up and put away some things in his office. Apparently it was pretty boring. Abby had been coloring for a while then wanted to sit with Daddy for a minute because she was tired of coloring. So Daddy sat with her and was talking to her when she started snoring. It's not often she just falls asleep like that - she has even managed some car rides without falling asleep during nap time so this was pretty surprising! 

Rollie Pollies

We went hunting for rollie pollies today. We found a couple of them but not as many as we've seen before since it's gotten so hot outside. She preferred to hold them in her hand rather than the cool bug cup with magnifying top that we got as a Chick-fil-a toy.  She was mostly pretty gentle with them but unfortunately I think both of the ones we found had seen better days by the time we went inside. Poor rollie pollies. 
Abby insisted on wearing her "jacket" with the hood up. 

Making a puddle

Abby loves the spot in the yard that makes a really nice puddle and so she took it upon herself to make the puddle again with water from her pool. She had fun stomping in the puddle after she finished filling it with water.