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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garden update

Here is Beau's veggie/fruit garden. When we first planted we did a back row of tomato plant seeds, then peppers, then the onions, then strawberry plants in the front and a couple garlic on the right side. 
The onions took off - they are the big stalks in the middle. We have had one pepper plant come up from the seeds as well and two of the three garlic bulbs. 
So we added to the garden to fill in what didn't grow. We added three other pepper plants - those are in the back right. We added a blackberry bush on the left side - if this makes any fruit Abby will be in love! Then we added some small pepper plants in the front. 
It's looking like a real garden now. 
Pictures of other gardens around our yard to come another day. Not sure why I only took pictures of this one. 

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