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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Salt Art

We used food coloring to make colored salt this afternoon.  Then we drew with glue on our paper - stick glue might have been better but I couldn't locate my stick glue (which is odd because I think I have just about every other type of art supply now!) Then we had our colored salt in some shakers and Abby sprinkled the colored salt all over the glue.  The end result of one of our pictures. I helped her do some glue on this one. 

Gardening update two

We have a Caladium (at least I think that's how it's spelled) - actually two, one is still a stalk and isn't showing up in picture The Mandavilla - one of my favorites in the garden The herb garden - the big bushy row is cilantro, flower plants around the edges other herbs mixed in with the grass that is hard to keep out. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swimming is fun!

We went swimming again today! 
Daddy came along and we actually convinced Abby to swim a little bit in the cold big pool with her floaties on. We "raced" Daddy with me holding onto Abby while she kicked her legs and Daddy swam and kicked his legs racing against us. She enjoyed that but still found the baby pool more fun - I don't blame her too much since the baby pool was a much better temperature. 
It's nice to get out in the sun without having to sweat in our backyard. Though we do spend time out there trying to weed the garden, kicking/throwing/rolling our red ball around and doing messy art projects! 
No pictures as I have yet to brave bringing my camera to the pool - I don't see splashing toddlers and cameras getting along too well. Though today probably would have been a good day to bring it since Daddy came along too. 

Garden update

Here is Beau's veggie/fruit garden. When we first planted we did a back row of tomato plant seeds, then peppers, then the onions, then strawberry plants in the front and a couple garlic on the right side. 
The onions took off - they are the big stalks in the middle. We have had one pepper plant come up from the seeds as well and two of the three garlic bulbs. 
So we added to the garden to fill in what didn't grow. We added three other pepper plants - those are in the back right. We added a blackberry bush on the left side - if this makes any fruit Abby will be in love! Then we added some small pepper plants in the front. 
It's looking like a real garden now. 
Pictures of other gardens around our yard to come another day. Not sure why I only took pictures of this one. 

She fits

In the sandbox.... laying down. 

Finger painting

Puddle jumping in the puddle that resulted from cleaning off the following:  The finished finger painted project. We found a use for the back of the roll of paper from her art easel. She had already colored with crayons/markers on the other side.

Ladybug rock

In all the different stages. We did two coats of paint then we (or I) did a black sharpie to do the face, stripe and dots - Abby told me where to put the dots though. The second coat was a little pointless in the end since the mod podge to seal it/make it shiny took off some of the green paint. We've also glued some wiggly eyes on the face but I didn't take a picture of that. 

Can't forget her other friend "Oo-oo" (Monkey)

And Honey too - who just loves it when Abby sits on her. Well at least tolerates it without the slightest complaint. 

Abby's friend dinosaur

This was one of the toys we had in a box of Beau's stuffed animals and Abby really likes him. She was out having a conversation with him and watching the puppy. Then she insisted on me taking a picture of dinosaur when I wanted to take a picture of her. 

Egg hunt in our backyard

Easter Egg Dying

Reverse order - decorating, then egg dying. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I think the Easter bunny should have found an in between sized bow this one seems a tad too big. LOL
And yes we are eating candy before Church. She went for the Kinder Surprise Egg first.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monday, April 06, 2009

Craft time today

Today we put another layer of green pain on our rock we are turning into a lady bug (Abby insisted she wanted a green lady bug) 
We also glued cotton balls, black felt, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners to a couple empty toilet tissue cardboard tubes to make lambs.  The lambs are for our Easter decorations as we don't have any real Easter decorations around here. 
Pictures to come later - probably tomorrow once we are done with our lady bug - we need to do the black face and spots still as well as a coat to make her shiny.