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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Paris

Abby found out we have an empty cabinet so she decided to claim it as her own and play in it which is fine by me. While Gigi was here she said when she got in the cabinet that she was going to Paris with Pops so now the cabinet is Paris. Abby visits quite frequently - jet lag will have to catch up soon I'm sure! Too bad she isn't getting real frequent flyer miles to use! 

Working out

Working out like daddy. Daddy was tired and wouldn't do it at the same time so I could get a video of them working out together. 
(Abby put together her own outfit)


Making cupcakes for Daddy's birthday! Yummy! They are chocolate fudge cupcakes. We decorated some like basketballs and some with just icing and sprinkles. Abby picked out the icing. 

Abby's sling

Abby carrying her baby in her sling. 
And carrying her kangaroo!   (Fingers on her face because I told her to smile!) 

Riding her trike

We went out riding our bike a couple weeks ago (when it was cool outside!) It was a little slow going though because we had to stop and look for rolly pollies the whole way! 
Abby and I went to Micheals yesterday for some art supplies for a couple projects I wanted to do with her. Boy could we have gotten in trouble there - tons of art supplies that we could have had fun with! 
I've been slacking in the picture department when it comes to our art projects because it is a little difficult to take pictures and help with the projects at the same time. So here's what we did yesterday. We decorated a foam cross with some flower stickers and jewels.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy's birthday is tomorrow! 
Today we went out and did some last minute birthday shopping. We think he'll have a good birthday. 
We got some brown wrapping paper instead of the regular stuff and Abby decorated it to wrap his present in - an art project and wrapping paper all in one! 
We're gonna make cupcakes tomorrow! We plan to decorate them like basketballs since he's currently loving the Jazz and going to a game for his birthday from his parents. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Abby singing

Gigi taught Abby to sing along with a song so here she is singing and doing the arm movements. 

Pictures I took the same day

Professional Photoshoot

We had a photoshoot with an amazing photographer and although Abby didn't feel much like cooperating and smiling - she wanted to run away instead - she got some beautiful pictures. Here's a couple of them. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

New oo-oo

We went to build a bear this morning with a gift card Abby got from her Aunt Jo and Uncle Scottie for Christmas. We waited until now since she had so many toys already. She picked a monkey but loved all of them an had a hard time deciding. We also built baby brother a teddy bear like we did for abby.

She's giving us her silly smile here. We've reached a stage that we can't have a pretty smile when asked to smile for the camera.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Apparently my camera didn't take the best quality picture here but she looked really cute. She zoned out during quiet time before we had to go work in the Church nursery on Saturday. Since she didn't want to take a nap we needed some quiet non-running around time to not melt down all evening long before bedtime. 
(She was wearing her comfy clothes and still had bedhead as we had hung around the house playing outside and cleaning/unpacking but we changed and fixed our hair before we left)

More pictures from Abby's tea party

Garden pictures

Reverse order because that's how they uploaded and it's almost dinner time so no time to re-arrange them right now
View of the deck and main garden
Shady garden Main flower garden again (grass still needs to come out but we did a lot of work on Sunday - that project will have to wait until next weekend - plus we are still waiting on another plant I want to come into the store. They said 2-3 weeks before it arrives) Herb garden Fruit/veggie garden (tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and strawberries all under there) Helping grandpa
Daddy digging a hole