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Monday, December 15, 2008

Officially crazy

Beau and I were talking this morning.... before going outside or turning on the TV about how I had thought about going to the zoo this morning. Of course he was all for me going - so that I could pick up Jamba afterwards and bring one by his work. Abby heard all this and I told her we'd go after nap. She was excited and told me she wanted to see the lions, big turtles and monkeys. 
Fast forward to stepping outside to light the grill for our hamburger lunch. BRRR!!!! It's a high of 44 degrees outside for the day! 
So after nap (or lack there of) Abby reminds me of the zoo.... 
Can't say no to such a cute face so we bundle up and go. Thank goodness for the Ergo because I can bundle Abby in her jacket and she is of course wearing her warm boots. Then I have her on my front in the carrier and my jacket around most of both of us. So we stayed warm and cozy for the most part.... except our noses. 
She loved the kangaroos - We saw one baby head sticking out the pouch of it's mommy but not sure it will show up in the picture I took but I'll upload it after Abby is asleep. 

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