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Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming makes a girl hungry

We went to sea world for the first time in over a week since it's been raining almost every afternoon here for over a week (but we needed it so I can't complain too much) We saw the horses, then swam in the lazy river, went down the water slide that Abby can go down, had a snack, played in the tide pool behind the wave pool, played in the splash pool then headed to see the fish and frogs and the dolphins. On the way home we swung by Chick-fil-a (too bad we forgot it was cow appreciation day and didn't have cow costumes to get free chicken) I usually get Abby a 1 tender kids meal but I was hungry so I got her a 2 piece kids meal incase she was hungry too and if she wasn't I would get the tender. However she ate 1 1/2 tenders on the ride home then finished the fruit cup once we got home! She was hungry! This was on top of the blueberries, rice cakes and goldfish she had while we were at Sea World! 

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