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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jamba Juice

We're getting a Jamba Juice!!! It opens at 6 am tomorrow however it's about 25 minutes away (18.6 miles) and I don't get up that early so we won't be there at 6. Between 5-7 they are giving away FREE smoothies so we will be there then! It's about 2 minutes from the zoo so we are going to go to the zoo in the afternoon (Abby is excited she wants to see the turtles!) then get a Jamba to cool off and maybe stop by and see Daddy on the way home... we'll see. I guess it depends on if Gigi comes over that evening or not. So tomorrow will be a busy day because we have storytime in the morning. 
Then Wednesday we'll hopefully be head to Sea World with Gigi and to church in the evening. 
This should be a fun week! 
Oh and Abby's tutu has been ordered as well as a bow to go along with it. She'll be a well dressed birthday girl!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Yay Jamba Juice!!

I'm not going to come until Wed. a.m.
And when will the tutu arrive?
Just wondering how close a match I can get for the embroidery.