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Monday, July 07, 2008

Cute new things

Abby is super cute as always but here are the new adorable things she has started doing lately. 
Says Hug and Kiss - last night she gave daddy bedtime cuddles before we went upstairs but apparently not enough because she told me hug hug hug as we were going upstairs and pointed to daddy so we went back down and she gave daddy a big hug!
Yesterday she learned how to say piece as I asked her if she wanted a piece of french bread for a snack to tide us over until dinner. She did and said "piece" well as I was putting the potatoes in the oven a little while later I tried to sneak a reeses peanut butter cup and she snuck up behind me and yelled piece piece piece. 
She will pinch her nose or your nose and say "honk honk" 
She loves to hop. 
She can read - She can pick up Noisy Farm and open all the flaps and tell you all the animal sounds (duck, sheep, goat, cow and rooster) she knows more animals sounds than that but those are the ones in the book. She can also read No by Jez Alborough and will go through the book saying yes and no (pretty much the only words in the book) 
She will see a purple and gold shirt (especially my LSU baseball jersey) and will say roar. 
More to come as I think of them. 

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