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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

The mystery of the missing shirt

So last week when I was folding laundry her pj shirt went missing when I went to put her clothes away after folding them. After searching my room where we had been folding the clothes the shirt was no where to be found. So for the next week I wondered where it could have gone - since it wasn't in the room, wasn't in my drawers, wasn't in the playroom, wasn't in the closet. Tonight while getting pajamas I looked in a drawer I don't normally open and there it was. It had walked it's self right into the dresser all the way from my room to Abby's room. I love my little helper! 


I see you! She didn't start by playing peekaboo though she started by covering her mouth so I couldn't brush her teeth but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of that before we switched to peekaboo.


Abby spotted a bug and had to tell me about it. To her all bugs are "bees"

Jamba Juice

We're getting a Jamba Juice!!! It opens at 6 am tomorrow however it's about 25 minutes away (18.6 miles) and I don't get up that early so we won't be there at 6. Between 5-7 they are giving away FREE smoothies so we will be there then! It's about 2 minutes from the zoo so we are going to go to the zoo in the afternoon (Abby is excited she wants to see the turtles!) then get a Jamba to cool off and maybe stop by and see Daddy on the way home... we'll see. I guess it depends on if Gigi comes over that evening or not. So tomorrow will be a busy day because we have storytime in the morning. 
Then Wednesday we'll hopefully be head to Sea World with Gigi and to church in the evening. 
This should be a fun week! 
Oh and Abby's tutu has been ordered as well as a bow to go along with it. She'll be a well dressed birthday girl!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming makes a girl hungry

We went to sea world for the first time in over a week since it's been raining almost every afternoon here for over a week (but we needed it so I can't complain too much) We saw the horses, then swam in the lazy river, went down the water slide that Abby can go down, had a snack, played in the tide pool behind the wave pool, played in the splash pool then headed to see the fish and frogs and the dolphins. On the way home we swung by Chick-fil-a (too bad we forgot it was cow appreciation day and didn't have cow costumes to get free chicken) I usually get Abby a 1 tender kids meal but I was hungry so I got her a 2 piece kids meal incase she was hungry too and if she wasn't I would get the tender. However she ate 1 1/2 tenders on the ride home then finished the fruit cup once we got home! She was hungry! This was on top of the blueberries, rice cakes and goldfish she had while we were at Sea World! 

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008


Reading about jimmy's boa while mommy fixed lunch. The boa says "ssss" and the pages have lots of yellow according to abby.

Cute new things

Abby is super cute as always but here are the new adorable things she has started doing lately. 
Says Hug and Kiss - last night she gave daddy bedtime cuddles before we went upstairs but apparently not enough because she told me hug hug hug as we were going upstairs and pointed to daddy so we went back down and she gave daddy a big hug!
Yesterday she learned how to say piece as I asked her if she wanted a piece of french bread for a snack to tide us over until dinner. She did and said "piece" well as I was putting the potatoes in the oven a little while later I tried to sneak a reeses peanut butter cup and she snuck up behind me and yelled piece piece piece. 
She will pinch her nose or your nose and say "honk honk" 
She loves to hop. 
She can read - She can pick up Noisy Farm and open all the flaps and tell you all the animal sounds (duck, sheep, goat, cow and rooster) she knows more animals sounds than that but those are the ones in the book. She can also read No by Jez Alborough and will go through the book saying yes and no (pretty much the only words in the book) 
She will see a purple and gold shirt (especially my LSU baseball jersey) and will say roar. 
More to come as I think of them. 

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Last night we did fireworks with grandma and grandpa and abby really enjoyed it except for the big booms that daddy did. She liked the sparklers and called them flowies and the big artillery shells that went up high. Sea world is supposed to do them again tonight but the rain just started coming down 20 minutes before they are supposed to do the show. A and I had run to target to get something and got juice and are now sitting in the truck in the driveway to see if the rain is going to stop so we can see fireworks in 7 minutes. It's letting up here but SW is 5 minutes down the road so we'll see. We need the rain so I guess I can't complain about it just wish it had picked better timing.


Nope playtime!