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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sea World

Last Saturday while we were at Sea World a baby dolphin was born - we saw it when it was a few hours old but I didn't have my camera that day so I took some pictures today so the baby in the picture above and in the middle below is 4 days old. Aww.... 
This one is one of the three rambunctious toddler dolphins they have - they are about a year old. Two of them must be a little older than the third because the third toddler sticks closer to his/her mom. During non-feeding times, especially at the end of the day they are very playful splashing and jumping around - even doing flips like you'd see in the shows. Very cool to watch! 

Abby and I waiting for daddy while he was riding a roller coaster - we watched the boats in the ski show from the other side of the stadium so we got to see the water skiers getting into their formations. 

1 comment :

BethanyJoy said...

Too funny...we were there the same day! Definitely let us know when you're having her birthday and we'll try to come over.