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Monday, June 23, 2008

Potty learning

While searching for a portable toilet seat cover to make using public potties while we are out a little easier I came across a couple very interesting potty training tools. This is what I was looking for - still debating on if I really need it as Abby is doing fine with me just holding her and according to something else I was watching or reading a toilet seat has less germs than door handles and other things we touch all the time. Plus we wash our hands well afterwards. Then there is also the matter of how it folds because if it folds so that the side that is touching the potty is on the outside then it will be touching everything in my bag and that's worse than just touching the potty briefly.
Here we have the potty watch which you can set at different intervals (30, 60 or 90 minutes) and will play music to apparently encourage your child to sing along and sit on the potty long enough to use it. It's even shaped like a potty. Creative idea I guess. 
Other interesting things I found were:
- Flushable tinkle targets (for boys to aim at) available in both construction and sports prints (thanks but no thanks - should I have a boy cheerios seem like a much cheaper option for something to aim at)
- An inflatable potty - to keep in the car, easy to travel with since it can be deflated and easily packed in your luggage. Holds plastic bags in the potty so you can throw away the waste since if you keep it in your car you may not be near somewhere to clean out the potty.
All of these items were at www.onestepahead.com should you be interested. 

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