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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cake ideas

I'm trying to get ideas for Abby's birthday coming up 6 weeks and came across these cute cupcakes! The eyes are made with mini-marshmallows cut in half.

I found them here along with lots of other cute ideas! http://kidscakes.blogspot.com/2007/01/ladybug-cupcakes.html

fish since she loves Sea World and fish so much
Now where can I find cute fish to put on top the the cake because I'm not sure I'm talented enough to make them... I suppose I could try. Hmmm now where do find/how do you make gum paste since from watching Ace of Cake on Food Network that's probably what they are made of... or maybe fondant? Hmm fondant would probably be simple enough.

I'm really liking the fish... now to find some party decorations that are fish but not Nemo. She'll have years ahead of her having tv/movie characters themes we don't need to start now. 

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