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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Abby's hat during yard watering time this evening. At least it was
clean from filling it up and dumping water on Honey multiple times.
She really wanted me to take a picture of the woof instead.


Beau turned on the tv this evening and found they were replying this show from the premiere last Tuesday. Well it's really really funny - or maybe I'm just in a really punchy mood today. It's like the American version of MXC. Hilarious! 
Check it out it comes on again Tuesday night on ABC. 

Saturday, June 28, 2008

End of another day at sea world

We wore her out well - we left for SW at 11 am got inside the gate by 11:30 after getting passes for Gigi, Pops and Jeremy (now they can come back again with us! yay!) We went to see Viva (where the porpoises and belugas didn't want to perform for that show - in fact the belugas didn't come out at all and they had to stop the show to encourage the porpoises to do the tricks instead of just swimming around) then we went to see Abby's favorite things - the horses then the dolphins and the fish. Then Abby said she wanted to eat so we got some lunch then headed to the Lost Lagoon to cool off and swim. We went and let Abby splash in the kiddy pool, then to the lazy river where Abby likes to float - once she has her life jacket on and gets her confidence up she'll make you let go of her so she can float all by herself in the lifejacket.  Gigi, Pops and Jeremy seemed to enjoy seeing her giggle while she floated and swam between them. Then we went to the slide and Abby went down with Gigi. Finally we made it to the wave pool and Abby splashed some in the tide pool area behind it and we went in for a short set of waves. At that point we headed home so we could grill some dinner. Abby sat in the stroller and was closing her eyes and fell asleep before we even left the Lost Lagoon area - we weren't even out of SW yet. I can count on 1 hand how many times she's fallen asleep in the stroller. She power napped while we got drink refills and all the way to the truck. Then she was good for the rest of the day. We had dinner then everyone even Daddy this time headed back to the park for the late shows  - Sea Lions tonight (my personal favorite show) where they make fun of all the other shows and Shamu Rocks Texas which was cool because the Orcas did all their tricks and did lots of jumps. In all we had a great day and can't wait for Pops, Gigi and Jeremy to come back and go again since we had so much fun with everyone. 

Reading with Gigi

Abby made Gigi read to her ALL morning long.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silly goose

Figured out she could swim with the life vest and made me let her go in the lazy river so she could float by herself. She loved it and was giggling up a storm while doing it.

Stinker winker bear

Abby thought I wasn't playing along and protesting her splashes enough in the kids pool so she took my sunglasses and put them on the side of the pool and wouldn't give them back.

Here she is dancing while we eat a snack of goldfish. And yes I did do what I has thought I wouldn't do - got her a bikini.. It was on clearance and I can't find any non rash guard two pieces that would cover her tummy. Two pieces are just easier to get off to potty.

Abby and eels

New shoes

Phat farm shoes from grandpa. :)

Which one

Matches my outfit?

Abby and daddy playing dress up

at Abby's request.

Like father like daughter

Abby stacked up pillows to watch zooboomafoo just like daddy does to play xbox or watch a movie.

Daddy wanted to make sure everyone understood that he does at least wear underwear though unlike some mostly potty trained toddlers who don't like to get redressed after using the potty.

New game

There's a woof woof on my head.
Uh oh! Giggle giggle giggle.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Grandpa got Abby and I matching Louis Vuitton mommy baby purses from his latest trip around the world.

Hanging out in the cell phone waiting lot.


Maybe not. Abby and I killed time at the pet store between picking up my bridesmaid dress and picking up grandpa.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Snack time

Abby and I made a new snack today!
We took bananas broke one in half rolled it in cherry vanilla yogurt (brown cow brand whole milk yogurt) then covered with french vanilla granola and put them in the freezer. She ate the leftover yogurt and granola mixed together today and said it was yummy. We'll try the frozen banana snack tomorrow and see how those go over.

We also made Monkey Munch (or Muddy Buddies) YUM! 



Monday, June 23, 2008


So Abby has a pop-up book called Jungle by Jan Pienowski (we'll ignore the fact that 3 of 5 animals are actually found on the savanna not in the jungle) So Beau was reading this book to her which she has removed the head of one of the rhinos and the cheetah from the book. (It was only $1 at 1/2 price books so no big deal - got it for new reading material on a trip) but after Beau was finished reading she asked to see the cheetah so he opened the page to where the cheetah used to be. She pointed to it said cheetah and then signed all gone. Hmm.. wonder where it went? :) 

Peek-a-boo after our shower this morning. Abby finds this hilarious and giggles up a storm! She puts the towel on herself and after I ask where Abby is she pulls it off I say peek-a-boo and she breaks out in a fit of giggles. 

Notice baby in the background on the bed pole. She and Abby were going "wee" on the pole like on the pole at the playground that spins around. 

Park time

Abby and I enjoyed a fun morning at the park. She was go go go the whole time - it was hard to keep up on the massive playground because she didn't want to wait for me to get to the bottom of the slides before she slide so she would climb up and I'd go around to catch her at the bottom which can be tricky getting there before she slides depending on which slide she picks. She had her choice of 8 different slides (there are 9 but one is really high so we don't go down that one!)

  Look at that hair!
 This is the face you see when you are trying to get a toddler out of the house fast enough to get to the park before it gets hot (didn't work it was still hot) and forget "nacks" and "juice" She was not happy with mommy but was all better once she had some water and lunch. 

Potty learning

While searching for a portable toilet seat cover to make using public potties while we are out a little easier I came across a couple very interesting potty training tools. This is what I was looking for - still debating on if I really need it as Abby is doing fine with me just holding her and according to something else I was watching or reading a toilet seat has less germs than door handles and other things we touch all the time. Plus we wash our hands well afterwards. Then there is also the matter of how it folds because if it folds so that the side that is touching the potty is on the outside then it will be touching everything in my bag and that's worse than just touching the potty briefly.
Here we have the potty watch which you can set at different intervals (30, 60 or 90 minutes) and will play music to apparently encourage your child to sing along and sit on the potty long enough to use it. It's even shaped like a potty. Creative idea I guess. 
Other interesting things I found were:
- Flushable tinkle targets (for boys to aim at) available in both construction and sports prints (thanks but no thanks - should I have a boy cheerios seem like a much cheaper option for something to aim at)
- An inflatable potty - to keep in the car, easy to travel with since it can be deflated and easily packed in your luggage. Holds plastic bags in the potty so you can throw away the waste since if you keep it in your car you may not be near somewhere to clean out the potty.
All of these items were at www.onestepahead.com should you be interested. 


Abby got up an hour and 1/2 earlier than normal today.... it's gonna be a long day. I know what I'm gonna be doing during nap time. 
She got up an hour and 15 minutes early yesterday. I'm hope this won't become a trend. At least she isn't as cranky about it today as she was yesterday. 

Saturday, June 21, 2008

You know you need

A baby doll for the tub when you tell Abby that it's time for bath and she goes running saying "baby... baby...baby" to get a baby to share the bath with and removes it's clothes so it can go in the tub. I had to be the mean mommy and tell her that the first baby couldn't go in the tub and found her a baby that would dry a little quicker (and also happens to be her favorite baby usually)

Corolle has a bath baby a little bigger than her other little Corolle doll that she likes to take everywhere.  Guess I'll add it to her birthday list and try to find a store around here that has one. 

You can lead a horse to water

But you can't make her drink. Abby learned this lesson tonight. She tried to bring Honey's water bowl to her but Honey didn't want it. She then took hold of Honey's head and tried to force it into to water bowl. When that didn't work she kept filling it and throwing the water out on the puppy. She did dry her off afterwards to be sweet. Now Honey is tucked under her blanket for night night. Abby sure takes good care of Honey. Good thing Honey doesn't mind the toddler abuse. :)

Got milk?

Cake ideas

I'm trying to get ideas for Abby's birthday coming up 6 weeks and came across these cute cupcakes! The eyes are made with mini-marshmallows cut in half.

I found them here along with lots of other cute ideas! http://kidscakes.blogspot.com/2007/01/ladybug-cupcakes.html

fish since she loves Sea World and fish so much
Now where can I find cute fish to put on top the the cake because I'm not sure I'm talented enough to make them... I suppose I could try. Hmmm now where do find/how do you make gum paste since from watching Ace of Cake on Food Network that's probably what they are made of... or maybe fondant? Hmm fondant would probably be simple enough.

I'm really liking the fish... now to find some party decorations that are fish but not Nemo. She'll have years ahead of her having tv/movie characters themes we don't need to start now. 

Friday, June 20, 2008


We left sea world just in time to miss the 5 rain drops we'll get here and got home at the right time because Abby was missing her baby who didn't tag along today since we were going swimming in the water park. It would have been great timing to watch the tigers baseball game if it wasnt under a rain delay again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bath time?

I didn't want to fill up the bathtub tonight so this is what we did instead:

Okay not really but we went outside to water the yard and put Honey's water bowl under the faucet to catch drips and avoid a big muddle puddle. Abby wanted her clothes off to play in the sprinkler so I let her and this is what we ended up with. 

Geaux Tigers!

Abby and I are hanging out watching the Tigers play ball. GEAUX TIGERS!!! Okay never mind we're now hanging out waiting to see if the rain delay will end soon......


Now why when I've never bought any formula and Abby is already 22 months does Enfamil send a sample of Enfamil Next Step Formula (for 9-24 months) to us? Further more even if we had formula fed I doubt I'd have given her a more expensive unnecessary formula when she can have milk and she has a pretty good diet so no worries there.  And even if I had chosen to give her a toddler formula it for sure wouldn't be one with corn syrup as the 3rd ingredient (at least it wasn't high fructose corn syrup) Her diet may not be as healthy as it could be and we haven't eliminated all HFCS/CS from but we save that kind of stuff for occasional treat like the icee not something that is a main staple in her diet. 


So this morning we were all lounging in bed and Abby decided it was tickling time. She got her fingers ready said two (instead of one two three) and got daddy. Then she said mommy got her fingers ready said two and got mommy. Then she said bobbie two and got one bobbie then she said other bobbie two and tickled the other bobbie.

Now she's smelling daddy's feet and proclaiming they stink. "eww!"