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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time to swim?

Time to find a pool to go swimming in - the bath tub just isn't big enough. 
Kitty! No ones telling me not to touch this kitty - finally I get to pet a kitty!

Ice chest

hey look I found another container to get into! This one was really fun because I could press the button and it would play music!

Bubbles with Gigi

After going nigh-night on the stairs with Pops I washed my balls in the bubbles with Gigi! I had so much fun that morning!


My favorite game to play is nigh-night especially on the stairs. I like to lay down and pretend to go nigh-night over and over and if anyone is near by they have to play too even though I'm the only one small enough to actually fit on the stairs! I really liked having Pops play with me! 

Spray park

Abby a recyclable?

 mommy finally got the recycling container she requested so we can do our part and recycle but I thoguht it'd be more fun to climb in and make my self cozy. I just love climbing into baskets and different containers - just last week I pretended to go nigh-night in the laundry basket with my baby, teddy, a book and lots of blankets.