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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cheeto lover

Bad mama! We met daddy for lunch as a special treat on Monday and went to Mcallisters - I got Cheetos with my sandwich.... well technically Abby got them with her toasted cheese and I got a fruit cup but we switched. However when I opened the bag she went crazy with the more sign and I caved and gave her one... bad idea. Oops... well now because of how enthusiastic she was for them and how much she really wanted them she knows the "please" sign as well! She's a quick learner when she wants something. (Oh and in case you didn't know/don't remember she learned the sign for "more" from daddy eating ice cream and sharing with her!) To keep her happy on the ride home and from sleeping and taking a power nap instead of the long nap she needed we shared the rest of the bag on the way home. Take a good look- her hand (and around her face) is orange.

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